Friday, February 26, 2010

Abscence and a milestone...

Hello my blog followers... I know that I have not updated in a few days, I've had quite a bit on my plate as well as a bit of a job change (and no, not the one I was hoping for YET... - keep your fingers crossed). I'm also heading up to Honeymoon Bay tomorrow morning to celebrate my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary! Isn't that incredible eh? So here's the happy couple, Alan and Claire Corrigall.... Congratulations Grammie and Papa!... and on a side note... I hope to get back to the 365 project by next week.

Friday, February 19, 2010

365 Project, February, Week 8

February 22nd (day 53)
Last day off, bit of running around. I was trying to get a panoramic from the top of Mt. Doug, but it wasn't working out... sun, people, haze... maybe another day.

February 21st (day 52)
Another gorgeous day, good for an outing to Beaver Lake with Lexus... who had a mud bath, followed by a swim to clean off. Lots of people out enjoying the weather and nature today... so good to see the sun.

February 20th (day 51)
It was sooo warm today! Packed up the car with Lexus, some toys and treats, filled up the gas tank and off we went. We went by French Beach, hit Jordan River and China Beach... was contemplating going all the way to Port Renfrew, but then decided against it. We explored China Beach for a bit, but then went back to French Beach and went for a nice long walk. Saw lots of other people with their pups, and just enjoyed the day.

February 19th (day 50)
Bit of a fun snapshot today. Beautiful weather outside, but having a bit of a home day, with the exception of taking Lexus out for a nice walk. We stopped at the playground for a shot with the fisheye.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

365 Project, February, Week 7

February 18th (day 49)
Sorry, no picture today. Between nightshifts and slept the gorgeous day away. I really hate sleeping when it so bright and warm outside! Last night tonight, then am hoping to go on some different outings these days off... maybe head down to French Beach and get some real west coast scenery!

February 17th (day 48)
The tulips that were given to me are really opening up... or at least the yellow ones were, however going through the photos that i took today, I just really liked this one... hope you do too.

February 16th (day 47)
I like how this almost looks like it could be a painting... but not.

February 15th (day 46)
Hi. Broken record here... I'm entering a really busy couple of weeks, and the photography is going to have to take the backseat for a bit. Having said that, I will still make attempts at getting some new photos, and at the very least, do some interesting things with some out of my library. Today, I couldn't pick, so I'm posting them both. This was taken last summer, happened to come across the boys as they were playing with the ladder in Beacon Hill Park.

February 14th (day 45)
When I started out today, this isn't exactly the final product that I thought I was going to put out, but as things progressed, this caught me.

Happy Valentines Day!

February 12th & 13th (day 43 & 44)

Not a good way to start off this week, but I have missed both of these days... just super busy running all over town, and getting some things done... pretty sorry, I know... I will strive to do better :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

365 Project, February, Week 6

February 11th (day 42)
Busy day today, had drill practice and was asked to take this photo for a poster (and yes, she's trying to look mean-a**... don't

February 10th (day 41)
Cold and gray... even heard the "s" word at one point, but I think the person was miss-informed... Here's a little scenery from the Gorge...

February 9th (day 40)
Okay, lets try this again, and by again, I mean my entire rant about how this picture didn't turn out the way that I wanted, plus the some technical details, and a description of what I was going for, which I had updated and saved into the Blog, right before my internet crashed... apparently it didn't save. So here we go again, but shorter version. "Bought a new filter, wanted a daylight shot with a long exposure, enough so that a moving vehicle in front of the building was motion blurred." I really wanted more detail in the car, but it wasn't to be and I wasted too much time at the dog park... oh well, there's always another day :D.

February 8th (day 39)
Odd weather day today, did spend most of it doing some paperwork and errands, hopefully I'll be able to get on some actual photo excursions later this week...

February 7th (day 38)
This photo was actually one I took the same day as the day 36 shot. She is just so precious I wanted to share.

February 6th (day 37)
Okay... my bad... I missed today. Was hardly on the computer today due to getting in 'the zone' of getting some things done around the house and doing errands. Life just happens sometimes. :D

February 5th (day 36)

Yes, it's still spring... nice warm day today, blue sky and sun. Remember the spring like bloom from a couple of weeks ago...? It's 'growing up' fast...