Friday, January 29, 2010

365 Project, January, Week 5

February 4th (Day 35)
Day off, outing with Lexus, decided to head down to Dallas Road to have a good romp and meet some other dogs. Dry but overcast, fun time had by all... Didn't quite turn out how I wanted... but it's dark out now, so not much chance for a re-shoot.

February 3rd (day 34)

Quickie today, first day off and still a bit tired from work, eyes are still trying to un-cross.

February 2nd (day 33)
Between my night-shifts, grabbed a quick self portrait before heading out the door to work, thought I'd play with some filters... interesting, but not so sure... :D

February 1st (day 32)
Bit of another gray day, not much to say on this one...

January 31st (day 31)
Bit of a snapshot today.... we had some company in the form of a ride-along at the fire hall. So, up the ladder they went... here's some perspective.. and this wasn't even at the full height.

January 30th (day 30)
Not much of a photo today... first day back at work, and I am attempting to study for an exam... hence the subject matter. :D

January 29th, (day 29)
Had some good ideas for today, but woke up and couldn't hardly turn my head... stiff neck wasn't exactly conducive to going out on a photo shoot. So this is a shot from yesterday, that I turned into an 'abstract nature' shot. Just a little something different.

Friday, January 22, 2010

365 Project, January, Week 4

January 28th (day 28)
Lunch and a walk with Lizzie and Lexus today... overcast, but nice and dry...

January 27th (day 27)
I'm really beginning to love my 50mm 1.4. Some more winter/spring foliage.

January 26th (day 26)

I love crystal...

January 25th (day 25)
Late post, non-recent photo... what can I say, working my nightshifts and just didn't have the time. Here's a cute snapshot of Harrison... the little dog with the big name.

January 24th (day 24)
Work day today, not a chance to get out and get a new photo... I liked the way that yesterday's turned out, I thought I would try the same edit to one of my older photos...

January 23rd (day 23)
Took a few pictures of some flowers outside of work today, they weren't spectacular, so I thought I would dress one up a bit... :D

January 22nd (day 22)
Wow... came close to not posting today... busy long day at work. Was sitting on the couch watching the dog enjoy her bone, which she does so rarely... thought I'd use her as my subject.

Friday, January 15, 2010

365 Project, January, week 3

January 21st (day 21)
Another gorgeous spring day... love the new growth...

January 20th (day 20)
Gorgeous day today... decided to get downtown and try my hand at HDR. Lets just say I think I need to do some more research... Not exactly what I was going for, but I think interesting all the same.

January 19th (day 19)
'Da boys... went to the firehall today to get a shot of these gents... the were all in the same hiring group and wanted a group photo... this one was just for fun...

January 18th, (day 18)
Spring is springing! Sunny day today, and out for a late walk with the dog and found some new blooms...

January 17th (day 17)
A work day (or night) today... these are some dried cranberries that I brought in to go with my dinner... a little color for my salad.

January 16th (day 16)
Just a snapshot today... woke up this afternoon and it was a beautiful day, sunny, warmish, and no rain. Good day to take Lexus for a good run...

January 15th
So this is the continuation of the great 'in the workplace lemon shoot.' This one is Lemon/Lime. REALLY making me want a cocktail right now...

Friday, January 8, 2010

365 Project, January, Week 2

January 14th
So due to hellish day, this is a day late... again, but I am almost caught up. I am 'cheating' I supposed by using 2 photos from the same 'shoot' for 2 consecutive days, but I do have a full time job and commitments that can make time management challenging to say the least, and some days, photography and this blog will just have to take a back seat. Sun came out today, and of course I'm at my real job so getting out to take some pictures it not at all possible, however I had brought in this subject... This one is a wet lemon kissed by a sunbeam.

January 13th

Life has caught up with me... this post is being entered a day late, and it is also one of my archive photos... I've just done some recent 'tweaking' that makes it pop a bit more.... I'm still hoping that I can get around to my planned subject shoot for today... so far it's not looking good... :(

January 12th
Well, havin' a 'day' today, needless to say found that I did not get a photo done as of yet, and am anticipating that I won't do one tonight. So instead, I am going to share one that I took last week with the intention of putting up, but I was just not extremely happy with the way that it turned out. This is a picture of an old fashioned picture viewer on display at Craigdarroch Castle. I tried to shoot through the viewer and focus on the image...

January 11th
Busy day today, but I did stop in to visit my good friend Jackie at her work, and so today I am going to share with you a sample of crafty art that was hanging on her wall..

January 10th (day 10)

As I was leaving work this morning, the sun was on it's way up, blinding me in my rear view mirror as I drove home. All I could see was searing orange through the orange/pinkish clouds... that got me thinking where I could go in the West Shore, where I could get a nice shot of the sunrise... Well, lemme tell you, it's a good thing it was a Sunday morning, cause I had to do a quick 3 lane change in order to take the turnoff to the Esquimalt Lagoon (i was right on it by the time it dawned on me that would be a good spot). Apparently I had wasted too much time trying to figure it out and get down there and had lost the moment. As I was carrying on along the lagoon, I looked over to the right and saw a plethora of wild birds, including herons, geese, ducks, loons, and some swans... I love Victoria.

January 9th (day 9)
As I'm between nightshifts, I slept most of the day away, and upon awakening, was greeted by Steve, making a pot of glorious coffee... mmmmmmmm.....

January 8th (day 8)
Ya! Made it to week two! So far, so good right? Well inspired by last night, I decided to try water drops again, and oh, my goodness...... there were far tooo many cool pictures to choose from. So I decided to post 2 of my favorites...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

365 January Week 1

January 7th (day 7).
Long day at work today, but felt inspired nonetheless to attempt a bit of a project in terms of today's shoot. Thought I might try out the new pocket wizards and do a little off camera flash work. Made quite the mess... trying to pour and shoot at the same time... especially when trying to pour from a height and get that "splosh" timed just right. After much frustration and cursing, Steve offered to help pour... some some really interesting shots that were hard to pick from, but here is what I settled on (sorry so late).

January 6th (day 6)
Well, back to work today, and so begins the search of interesting things to shoot around the building (that I haven't already done). Not the most exciting, but day six complete! :D

January 5th
Typical pacific northwest weather... gray and dull outside, yet it was dryish, so the dog and I ventured out to Dallas Road for a bit of a walk/run. It is definitely still winter, most foliage is dormant, but I did manage to locate a little bit of color.

January 4th
The gray day from yesterday, has turned into monsoon style rain today, so I found myself looking about the house for a subject to shoot besides the dog. Not that she's not fun to photograph, in fact I have many folders filled with pictures of her, but I do anticipate there will be photos of her to come throughout the year, so I don't want to overload you with images of the same dog. Instead I look for inanimate objects that may provide to be interesting. Yep. Lets take a picture of a...? So as I'm looking about, my gaze comes across the bookshelf beside the computer, and there is a stack of books there that I should be/am trying to read. As I look at the titles, I chuckled to myself at the oddity of them all, and the broadness of the subjects. So it inspired me; the books I am reading...

January 3rd
Last night I had been online looking to see if there was anything interesting going on in the city this weekend, and found that today was the last day of a Gingerbread House exhibit at the Laurel Point Inn. I thought this would have been a perfect opportunity to get some interesting shots of a not so ordinary subject. So we headed out, and upon entering the hall, I got a bad feeling. The first set of houses were in recessed display cases in the hallways... greeat. When we got to the big display upstairs, we found a display 'island' in a dark hallway. The entire exhibit was behind thick glass, that was being lit by the occasional halogen lamp (and i use the word occasional loosely). So no light, thick dirty glass... not the best way to start. The houses themselves were well done and creative, just wish there had been a bit more light...

January 2nd

Thinking now, this is going to be challenging on some days. Take today for example. Worked nightshift last night, so slept most of this glorious day away. When I got up and saw the sun, i thought "great day to hit the waterfalls at Goldstream." But by the time we got out of the house, had lost all the light. So settled for a drive home along Finlayson Arm Road and came across another small waterfall. Even though i had no light whatsoever, tried to get a shot anyway and this is the result. I'm hoping it will be nice again tomorrow and I'll go back and see what i can do with some proper light.

Friday, January 1, 2010

365 Project

Welcome to 2010! Wow, it's 2010 already... as the New Year came in, I was at work, 'surfing the net' and as I heard the ball drop on the TV behind me, my web browser crashed. All I could think was, "wow, Y2K is only 10 years late!" It was only a small hiccup though, and the system resumed normally thank goodness.

So 2010 is here, and I thought that I would jump on the same bandwagon that a lot of other photographers appear to be joining; and that is a 365 project. 1 picture a day, for every day of this year. I'm not going to be sticking to any particular theme, and some of the photos may be downright boring, but I am going to attempt to take and post one picture a day and see what I can come up with. Should be fun, right? :D

Lets see what the year brings....

So, being that I am at work right now, my options are a bit limited in terms of subjects to shoot. (side note - I anticipate a lot of Fire Fighting related shots).

So here's 2 to start:

Hose laying in the bed of an old LaFrance Fire Engine:

A poinsettia left over from Christmas: