Friday, February 19, 2010

365 Project, February, Week 8

February 22nd (day 53)
Last day off, bit of running around. I was trying to get a panoramic from the top of Mt. Doug, but it wasn't working out... sun, people, haze... maybe another day.

February 21st (day 52)
Another gorgeous day, good for an outing to Beaver Lake with Lexus... who had a mud bath, followed by a swim to clean off. Lots of people out enjoying the weather and nature today... so good to see the sun.

February 20th (day 51)
It was sooo warm today! Packed up the car with Lexus, some toys and treats, filled up the gas tank and off we went. We went by French Beach, hit Jordan River and China Beach... was contemplating going all the way to Port Renfrew, but then decided against it. We explored China Beach for a bit, but then went back to French Beach and went for a nice long walk. Saw lots of other people with their pups, and just enjoyed the day.

February 19th (day 50)
Bit of a fun snapshot today. Beautiful weather outside, but having a bit of a home day, with the exception of taking Lexus out for a nice walk. We stopped at the playground for a shot with the fisheye.