Saturday, February 13, 2010

365 Project, February, Week 7

February 18th (day 49)
Sorry, no picture today. Between nightshifts and slept the gorgeous day away. I really hate sleeping when it so bright and warm outside! Last night tonight, then am hoping to go on some different outings these days off... maybe head down to French Beach and get some real west coast scenery!

February 17th (day 48)
The tulips that were given to me are really opening up... or at least the yellow ones were, however going through the photos that i took today, I just really liked this one... hope you do too.

February 16th (day 47)
I like how this almost looks like it could be a painting... but not.

February 15th (day 46)
Hi. Broken record here... I'm entering a really busy couple of weeks, and the photography is going to have to take the backseat for a bit. Having said that, I will still make attempts at getting some new photos, and at the very least, do some interesting things with some out of my library. Today, I couldn't pick, so I'm posting them both. This was taken last summer, happened to come across the boys as they were playing with the ladder in Beacon Hill Park.

February 14th (day 45)
When I started out today, this isn't exactly the final product that I thought I was going to put out, but as things progressed, this caught me.

Happy Valentines Day!

February 12th & 13th (day 43 & 44)

Not a good way to start off this week, but I have missed both of these days... just super busy running all over town, and getting some things done... pretty sorry, I know... I will strive to do better :D