Friday, February 5, 2010

365 Project, February, Week 6

February 11th (day 42)
Busy day today, had drill practice and was asked to take this photo for a poster (and yes, she's trying to look mean-a**... don't

February 10th (day 41)
Cold and gray... even heard the "s" word at one point, but I think the person was miss-informed... Here's a little scenery from the Gorge...

February 9th (day 40)
Okay, lets try this again, and by again, I mean my entire rant about how this picture didn't turn out the way that I wanted, plus the some technical details, and a description of what I was going for, which I had updated and saved into the Blog, right before my internet crashed... apparently it didn't save. So here we go again, but shorter version. "Bought a new filter, wanted a daylight shot with a long exposure, enough so that a moving vehicle in front of the building was motion blurred." I really wanted more detail in the car, but it wasn't to be and I wasted too much time at the dog park... oh well, there's always another day :D.

February 8th (day 39)
Odd weather day today, did spend most of it doing some paperwork and errands, hopefully I'll be able to get on some actual photo excursions later this week...

February 7th (day 38)
This photo was actually one I took the same day as the day 36 shot. She is just so precious I wanted to share.

February 6th (day 37)
Okay... my bad... I missed today. Was hardly on the computer today due to getting in 'the zone' of getting some things done around the house and doing errands. Life just happens sometimes. :D

February 5th (day 36)

Yes, it's still spring... nice warm day today, blue sky and sun. Remember the spring like bloom from a couple of weeks ago...? It's 'growing up' fast...