Friday, January 29, 2010

365 Project, January, Week 5

February 4th (Day 35)
Day off, outing with Lexus, decided to head down to Dallas Road to have a good romp and meet some other dogs. Dry but overcast, fun time had by all... Didn't quite turn out how I wanted... but it's dark out now, so not much chance for a re-shoot.

February 3rd (day 34)

Quickie today, first day off and still a bit tired from work, eyes are still trying to un-cross.

February 2nd (day 33)
Between my night-shifts, grabbed a quick self portrait before heading out the door to work, thought I'd play with some filters... interesting, but not so sure... :D

February 1st (day 32)
Bit of another gray day, not much to say on this one...

January 31st (day 31)
Bit of a snapshot today.... we had some company in the form of a ride-along at the fire hall. So, up the ladder they went... here's some perspective.. and this wasn't even at the full height.

January 30th (day 30)
Not much of a photo today... first day back at work, and I am attempting to study for an exam... hence the subject matter. :D

January 29th, (day 29)
Had some good ideas for today, but woke up and couldn't hardly turn my head... stiff neck wasn't exactly conducive to going out on a photo shoot. So this is a shot from yesterday, that I turned into an 'abstract nature' shot. Just a little something different.