Friday, January 22, 2010

365 Project, January, Week 4

January 28th (day 28)
Lunch and a walk with Lizzie and Lexus today... overcast, but nice and dry...

January 27th (day 27)
I'm really beginning to love my 50mm 1.4. Some more winter/spring foliage.

January 26th (day 26)

I love crystal...

January 25th (day 25)
Late post, non-recent photo... what can I say, working my nightshifts and just didn't have the time. Here's a cute snapshot of Harrison... the little dog with the big name.

January 24th (day 24)
Work day today, not a chance to get out and get a new photo... I liked the way that yesterday's turned out, I thought I would try the same edit to one of my older photos...

January 23rd (day 23)
Took a few pictures of some flowers outside of work today, they weren't spectacular, so I thought I would dress one up a bit... :D

January 22nd (day 22)
Wow... came close to not posting today... busy long day at work. Was sitting on the couch watching the dog enjoy her bone, which she does so rarely... thought I'd use her as my subject.