Friday, January 8, 2010

365 Project, January, Week 2

January 14th
So due to hellish day, this is a day late... again, but I am almost caught up. I am 'cheating' I supposed by using 2 photos from the same 'shoot' for 2 consecutive days, but I do have a full time job and commitments that can make time management challenging to say the least, and some days, photography and this blog will just have to take a back seat. Sun came out today, and of course I'm at my real job so getting out to take some pictures it not at all possible, however I had brought in this subject... This one is a wet lemon kissed by a sunbeam.

January 13th

Life has caught up with me... this post is being entered a day late, and it is also one of my archive photos... I've just done some recent 'tweaking' that makes it pop a bit more.... I'm still hoping that I can get around to my planned subject shoot for today... so far it's not looking good... :(

January 12th
Well, havin' a 'day' today, needless to say found that I did not get a photo done as of yet, and am anticipating that I won't do one tonight. So instead, I am going to share one that I took last week with the intention of putting up, but I was just not extremely happy with the way that it turned out. This is a picture of an old fashioned picture viewer on display at Craigdarroch Castle. I tried to shoot through the viewer and focus on the image...

January 11th
Busy day today, but I did stop in to visit my good friend Jackie at her work, and so today I am going to share with you a sample of crafty art that was hanging on her wall..

January 10th (day 10)

As I was leaving work this morning, the sun was on it's way up, blinding me in my rear view mirror as I drove home. All I could see was searing orange through the orange/pinkish clouds... that got me thinking where I could go in the West Shore, where I could get a nice shot of the sunrise... Well, lemme tell you, it's a good thing it was a Sunday morning, cause I had to do a quick 3 lane change in order to take the turnoff to the Esquimalt Lagoon (i was right on it by the time it dawned on me that would be a good spot). Apparently I had wasted too much time trying to figure it out and get down there and had lost the moment. As I was carrying on along the lagoon, I looked over to the right and saw a plethora of wild birds, including herons, geese, ducks, loons, and some swans... I love Victoria.

January 9th (day 9)
As I'm between nightshifts, I slept most of the day away, and upon awakening, was greeted by Steve, making a pot of glorious coffee... mmmmmmmm.....

January 8th (day 8)
Ya! Made it to week two! So far, so good right? Well inspired by last night, I decided to try water drops again, and oh, my goodness...... there were far tooo many cool pictures to choose from. So I decided to post 2 of my favorites...